Nikon D7000 Firmware Update 1.02

After almost 4 months of Nikon Firmware update 1.01 Nikon decided that there are more problems to solve in D7000.

If you wonder what kind of problems the upgrade solves you can read the following list.


Nikon D7000 gets full review in

There are a lot of Nikon D7000 reviews but one of the most interesting is the full review

by Shawn Barnett, Dave Etchells, Mike Tomkins and
Zig Weidelich in

I love it because it covers almost every aspect of the camera.

You can find it, by category in the following links:

Disassemble a Nikon D7000 camera

If you do not like your NIkon D7000

inside nikon d7000

or you love it so much that you want to see what is inside it, then the next video is for you.

In ten minutes you will learn how to disassemble you new camera and maybe you will learn some Thailand words :)



Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K-5 vs Sony Alpha 580 in DxOMark

DxOMark is one of the most credible and objective tools for evaluating camera sensors.

In this link you can find a comparison between Nikon D7000 vsnikon d7000 vs sony alpha 580 vs pentax k-5

Canon EOS 60D vs Nikon D7000: Review by Photoradar

Enthusiast photographers are looking at Canon’s EOS 60D and Nikon’s D7000 as the best solution for their needs.

New nikon D7000 firmware update

As i mentioned in a previous post, Nikon is trying to solve the d7000's hot pixels problem, with a new firmware.

You can download it from here.

If you had a problem and you updated your camera, please live a comment with the results.

Tom Hogan's Nikon D7000 review

If you are a Nikon Fun, you know Tom Hogan. He is one of the most prestigious photography professionals and writers and he loves Nikon cameras.

It is important for Nikon D7000 lovers that he just published his review.

According to Tom "Nikon D7000 is Nikon D90 replacement", even thought the company refuse to say it.

nikon d7000

Nikon D7000 hot pixel problem and firmware solution

A lot of people are complaining, that their nikon D7000 has a hot pixel problem while shooting video.

Until yesterday Nikon was not accepting the accusations but client's pressure and negative publicity "helped" the company to realize the problem.

According to an announcement at


Flickr comparison Nikon D7000 vs D90

I just discovered some interesting photo samples in by kevitra 

The photographer took some pictures of the same subjects with his Nikon D7000 and his Nikon D90.

Nikon D90 sample review of Nikon D7000

The online magazine, published a new review about Nikon D7000.

As always, i enjoy copying the conclusion of the review.

According to,

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